Coolit-Rite™ Cooling Validator

Coolit-Rite™ Cooling Validator
Coolit-Rite™ Cooling Validator

Coolit-Rite™ Cooling Validator

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Coolit-Rite™ Cooling Validator
Part Number: TTM41
The USDA Food Code requires food must be cooled below 41°F in less than four hours after cooking or hot holding.The TTM41 Coolit-Rite Cooling Validator will assist an operator in verifi cation of compliance with these HACCP Guidelines. The instrument’s built-in programmable timer tracks elapsed time while its digital thermometer monitors the
temperature of your food. The TTM41 begins counting up when the current temperature of the food drops below 41°F or time expires, and will display the fi nal temperature until cleared

• Temperature Range: -4° to 302°F (-20° to 150°C)
• Accuracy:
±2°F from -4° to 212°F, ±3°F Remainder of Range
(±1°C from -20° to 100°C, ±1.5°C Remainder of Range)
• Resolution: Tenth Degree (0.1°)
• LCD Display: 0.875” (22.2 mm) H x 1.125” (28.6 mm) W
• Waterproof
• With Anti-microbial Additive
• Timer Range: 6 Hours : 59 Minutes
• 15” (381 mm) Stainless Steel Stem with
Minimal Depth Indicator
• Adjustable Vessel Clip
• Min / Max Temperature Hold
• Timer will Count-up and Display an
“UP” Arrow Icon or Time Expires.
• Displays Final Temperature Until Cleared
• Vessel Clip
• 1.5 V #LR44 Battery and Spare included
• CE Marked, NSF Listed
• Guaranteed Accurate for Life
• Lifetime Warranty
ACCURACY: Any AfL designated instrument which
proves to measure temperatures out of the specifi ed
accuracy range or be defective in material or
workmanship will be replaced without charge upon
receipt of the unit prepaid.


LR44 Replacement 1.5V Button Battery
1.5V Button Battery for Pocket Digitals 2 Pack
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