Dormont 3/4" SnapFast Quick-Disconnect

Dormont 3/4
Dormont 3/4' SnapFast Quick-Disconnect

Dormont 3/4" SnapFast Quick-Disconnect

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Dormont 3/4" SnapFast Quick-Disconnect
Part Number: A75
Exclusive SnapFast Quick-Disconnect
Dormont makes connecting and disconnecting moveable/castered equipment easier and safer with the SnapFast quick-disconnect coupling. SnapFast is the only quick-disconnect coupling designed specifically for the needs of the foodservice industry.

To Connect:
Because of its push-to-connect design feature, the coupling's components are joined quickly and easily by simply pushing them together until they snap into place. Thereʼs no need to hold or slide the operating ring.

To Disconnect:

Push or pull back the operating ring, and the coupling will separate immediately. Gas flow will shut off as soon as the components are separated

Thermal Shutoff Feature

The thermal shut-off is a polymer ring located inside the nipple (male) end of the quick-disconnect coupling. In temperatures higher than 350°F, the ring melts and the gas supply shuts off as the valve is closed by the heavy-duty spring in the coupling.

Please Note: SnapFast is not for use in temperatures less than 32 degrees. For indoor use only.
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