Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm

Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm
Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm

Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm

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Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm
Part Number: DFP450W
Our DFP450W Digital Pocket Test with adjustable Temperature Alarm was specifically designed for the harshest foodservice environments. The Instrument can be programmed to provide a visual alarm (blinking display) once the set temperature is reached. The initial default alarm temperature is 140oF (60oC). Potentially hazardous mercury thermometers are often used to check the extreme water temperature of commercial dish water. Eliminate the risk of a mercury spill; the DFP450W stores the maximum heat registered and is waterproof. Guaranteed Accurate for Life means there is no need of field adjusting of calibration settings and no risk of introducing error into the instrument.

• Temperature Range: -40° to 450°F (-40° to 232°C)
• Accuracy: ±2°F from 0° to 350°F (±1°C from -18° to 177°C), ±4°F
from -40° to 0°F (±2°C from -40° to 18°C) and ±4°F from 350° to
400°F (±2°C from 177° to 204°C)
• Resolution: Tenth Degree (0.1°)
• LCD: Larger 0.375” (9.5 mm) H x 0.8125” (20.6 mm) W Display
• Waterproof
• With Anti-microbial Additive
• Adjustable Preset Temperature Alarm
• Min / Max / Hold Modes
• Used to Test Dishwasher Rinse Temperatures
• 4.75” / 120 mm Stainless Steel Stem
• Reduced tip for <6 Second Response Time
• Protective Sheath & Pocket Clip
• Auto Off after 10 Minutes
• Low Battery Indicator
• 1.5v #LR44 Battery & Spare included
• CE Marked, NSF Listed
• Guaranteed Accurate for Life
• Lifetime Warranty
Any AfL designated instrument which proves to measure temperatures
out of the specifi ed accuracy range or be defective in material or
workmanship will be replaced without charge upon receipt of the unit


LR44 Replacement 1.5V Button Battery
1.5V Button Battery for Pocket Digitals 2 Pack
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