AquaTuff™ Waterproof Thermocouple Instrument

AquaTuff™ Waterproof Thermocouple Instrument
(probes sold seperately)

AquaTuff™ Waterproof Thermocouple Instrument

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AquaTuff™ Waterproof Thermocouple Instrument
Part Number: 35200-K
The AquaTuff™ 35200-K model is a high accuracy instrument designed to withstand the harsh environments in a kitchen or in food processing. The ABS housing is extremely durable and IPX7 waterproof rated. The housing is ergonomic with a tapered design and curved back to fit nicely in your hand.

The 35200-K can be used with any Type K thermocouple probe with a standard mini-connector. Cooper-Atkins offers a wide selection of probes for use in industrial and foodservice applications.

  • Temperature Range: -100 to 999°F (-73 to 537°C)
  • Resolution: Tenth Degree (0.1°) 35200-K resolution 0.1° / 1° user selectable
  •  Rugged ABS plastic housing
  •  Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
  •  IPX7 Waterproof Rated
  •  Auto shut-off after 10 minutes of non-use (User selectable on 35200-K models)
  •  352 Hold and backlight
  •  Uses any Type K probe
  •  Compliances: CE Marking, NSF, RoHS, WEEE
  •  Factory calibration constants stored in non-volatile memory
  •  Accuracy: With factory calibration, ±0.5F° (±0.3C°) over entire measurement range at ambient temperatures between 68 to 86°F (20 to 30°C)
  •  No Calibration Required: Your AquaTuff™ is factory calibrated to N.I.S.T. traceable standards. Under normal operating conditions, it will not need to be recalibrated
  •  Traceability: We certify that this instrument has been calibrated to temperature and / or electrical standards traceable to the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology
  •  Battery Type/Life: 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries/1800 Hrs
  •  Battery compartment is reverse polarity protected to prevent damage to circuit board if batteries are installed improperly
  •  One per corrugated box with 4 color process label
  •  Warranty: Instrument - 5 years, Probe - 1 year

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